A Completely New Perspective

When it comes to Aerial video production with MtechProMedia the sky’s the limit. Nobody wants to sit and watch a standard boring video, but if you want to impress your clients or need a piece of media to bring some life to your business than aerial video may be the answer. MTechProMedia uses the cutting edge in aerial drones to deliver flawless and beautiful video footage from the sky that will help your project make a powerful statement! Whether it’s for corporate, personal or advertising purposes our skilled team of certified drone pilots can help make you a video project which will not only be memorable  but produced in a timely and professional manner. We can be your eye in the sky.

Inspire Your Audience

  • Dynamic angles never before available

  • Photo and video avaiable

  • Perfect for concerts, weddings, sporting events & more

  • For corporate or personal use

  • Drone demonstrations available

  • Custom footage editing available

Custom Real Estate Advertising

  •  Stay ahead of the curve

  • Win all the high end listings

  • Make your properties stand out

  • Get ahead of the curve

  • Take over your market

  • Blow away your team leaders

  • Out market your competitors

Inspire Your Audience

  • The rectilinear, curved lens design eliminates distortion, and the 20mm focal length opens up your shots to a remarkably wide angle without that fish-eye look.

  • Shoots video at up to 4K at 30 frames per second or 1080p at 60 frames per second and takes crisp, clear 12 megapixel stills.

  • The motion stabilizing gimbal keeps the camera steady in the sky, ensuring you get stable, professional footage every time.

  • Angular velocity, momentum, inertial force and even GPS data allows the gimbal to apply countering power and force, keeping the camera perfectly level no matter how you fly.

  • The camera’s full 360⁰ range allows us to record record images behind, below, and even slightly above wherever you are flying.

Examples of Aerial Videography

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